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Dolorapax has been the answer to questions just like these for many people. With its unique formula Dolorapax targets the inflammatory molecules that Doctors believe to be involved in the development of migraines. As the name implies Dolorapax is bringing peace to peoples heads and life’s. Its all natural ingredients provides the building blocks for its success. Designed as a preventative Dolorapax is the solution to your migraine problem by treating the cause, not just the symptoms. Just see what our customers are saying. We believe that once you try it you will experience the peace that it can bring to you just as it has for others.Please send us your Questions.
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“Before I started taking Dolorapax, I was having 2 or 3 migraines each week.  I was taking at least 2 Imitrex a day and feeling lousy all the time. The Imitrex made me almost as sick as the headache. I have been taking Dolorapax for 2 months. During this time I have had 2 minor headaches, and only once have I taken an Imitrex. I feel wonderful. The headaches are gone, and my energy level is at an all time high. For me this is nothing short of a miracle. Dolorapax helped me when my neurologist could not.  I have experienced no side effects.  Anyone who suffers from migraines should give Dolorapax a try.”



Several years ago I started a company to sell vitamin mineral supplements to what would be a niche market. During that period I was always looking for products that would work but were natural. I have discovered an all natural product that helps people with migraines. The best part about the product is that it works. The people that use it want to make sure that we have it in stock. What better endorsement could we look for?
Briefly About Dolorapax -
Migraine headaches are very common and debilitating affliction, exact causes of which still unclear.

More than 11% in the United States suffers from bona fide migraine headaches, with ¾ of these sufferers being women.
The group most affected by migraines is women aged 30 to 49 years, with 27% of women in this age group being affected. The loss of productivity associated with migraines is estimated at being in the billions of dollars every year. However, anyone who has ever suffered a migraine knows that the true cost in human suffering cannot be quantified in dollars.

Today, pharmaceutical treatments for migraine are focused on pain management, rather than prevention.

The most popular migraine drugs, commonly known as triptans, have been shown to be effective in many migraine patients, but are extremely expensive, and have no effect on preventing migraines. Interestingly, despite the fact that more than two billion dollars is spent each year on triptans, only 2-5% of migraine sufferers undergo preventative.

Based on the fact that Migraine is an inflammatory process, a new nutritional/natural product called, Dolorapax™ was developed. Dolorapax™ is a anti-inflammatory nutraceutical formulation. Taken daily, the ingredients in Dolorapax target the inflammatory mechanisms now thought to trigger the neurological pain associated with migraine headaches.

The components of Dolorapax are recognized as GRAS (“generally recognized as safe”) under Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Dolorapax™ is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-inspected facility. 

Dolorapax™ is very effective in preventing any migraine headache. Just take 2 tabs in the morning with breakfast and stay free of your headache. At any time if you feel that your headache is coming back, just take two tabs of Dolorapax™ quickly and you will be happy that your headache did not come back!!!

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